Complaints Procedure
BCS Markets SA (Pty) Ltd

The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act is a statement of law that affects the way a Financial Services Provider (FSP) conducts business, interacts with consumers, and guides the consumer in their daily dealings. The Purpose of the FAIS Act is to protect consumers of financial products and services, and BCS Markets SA (Pty) Ltd maintenances the principles and comply with the requirements of the FAIS Act. Failing to comply with the provisions of FAIS by BCS Markets SA (Pty) Ltd or its representatives is the ground for lodging the complaint.

You may lodge a complaint as a client, a nominated beneficiary or a lawful successor in case you have been suffered as a result of the willful act or gross negligence made by the BCS Markets SA (Pty) Ltd or its representatives.

Procedure for lodging the complaint

  1. For the BCS Markets SA (Pty) Ltd to consider the complaint of the consumer of financial services, the consumer should send the complaint in writing to the BCS Markets SA (Pty) Ltd by filling out a Complainant Form.
  2. The complaint should be sent to the email address of the BCS Markets SA (Pty) Ltd complaints@bcsmarkets.co.za.
  3. Complaints that do not contain information about the name and (or) any information that can be used to identify the consumer of financial services are recognised as anonymous and are not subject to consideration.
  4. The complaint will be directed to the relevant departmental manager. Confirmation that the complaint has been accepted for consideration will be sent to the consumer within 2 days from the date of lodging. When considering the complaint, the BCS Markets SA, if necessary, requests additional documents and information from the consumer of financial services necessary for an objective and comprehensive consideration of the complaint.
  5. The complaint is considered by the BCS Markets SA (Pty) Ltd no later than 7 calendar days from the date of its receipt, and if the information (documents) provided requires additional study and verification - no later than 14 calendar days from the date of its receipt.
  6. In case your complaint is dismissed, you will receive a detailed answer . After dismissal you may within six (6) months refer your complaint to the FAIS Ombud by using the details below:

  1. Tel: +27 12 762 5000 / + 27 12 470 9080;
  2. Email: info@faisombud.co.za;
  3. Website: www.faisombud.co.za